Ambitious Plans and Hard Realities: the Chinese Automobile Supply Parts Industry in a Challenging Competitive Environment

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The Prospects and Limits to the Development of the Automotive Periphery, CCFA, Volume 42, p.55-70 (2010)


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The focus will be mainly on two aspects: The first aspect is the quickly proceeding integration of China in the automotive value chains in East and South-East Asia and the dynamic relationship between established and emerging markets in this region resulting from it. In this respect, the Japanese supply parts industry and the evolving Japanese- Chinese relationships in the production of supply parts will be of especial interest.
The second aspect the paper wishes to discuss, concerns the competitiveness of the Chinese supply parts manufacturers and the growing difficulties China is facing in establishing a strong national supply parts industry. In this respect, the structure of the Chinese supply parts industry, the problems of restructuring and concentrating the industry as well as the shortcomings of the development policy in the past will be addressed.

The paper will be divided into three parts. The first part will briefly give an overview over the size and structure of the Chinese supply parts industry as well as the development of the Chinese market for auto parts in recent years. In the second part we will discuss the topic of China as a production location for supply parts for the world car industry.
The third and largest part will then address the development of the Chinese national supply parts manufacturers and the question whether they are to become powerful competitors on a global level in the near future. Especially in this second and third part, in addition to the Chinese materials many data with respect to Japanese supply parts manufacturers in China will presented in order to illustrate both, the deep integration of China in the value chains in Asia on the one hand, and the
difficulties Chinese companies are facing to upgrade their position in these production networks. The paper will end with a critical assessment of the current situation and a short outlook on the future tasks and prospects of the Chinese auto supply part industry.


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