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International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management, Volume 15, Number 2, p.97-104 (2015)




Carole Donada and Yannick Perez discuss about those papers which are featured in International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management, Volume. 15, 2015. Carole Donada and Danielle Attias shed light on the multiple issues that have to be taken into account, and in particular whether the variety of stakeholders involved have the ability to create the necessary radical innovations. Claire Weiller, Tianjiao Shang, Andy Neely and Yongjiang Shi's paper concerned 'Competing and co-existing business models for EV: lessons from international case studies'. It also dealt with the innovation issue and presented four innovative business models that are being developed in China, the USA, and France to support the commercialization of EVs. The third paper was presented by Amandine Chevalier and F. Lantz, who explored the modal choice of French households for their daily trips in order to predict the potential shifts from personal car to shared car. The fourth paper was given by Gustavo A. Marrero, Yannick Perez, Marc Petit and Francisco Javier Ramos-Real. They considered the grid integration and the TCO issues. The closing paper by Petter Haugneland and Hans HaÅvard Kvisle is concerned 'Norwegian electric car user experiences'. It explored a fascinating Norwegian experiment involving real private EVs users' feedback about their cars.

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