Financial Constraints and Firms Export Behavior

Publication Type:

Seminar Presentation


Workshop Banque de France -CEPII Les entreprises françaises et européennes dans la mondialisation (2009)


compétitivité, entreprise, Europe de l'Ouest, exportation, finance, France


Investigate empirically the impact of financial constraints on firm export behavior :

  • export participation
  • export intensity

Motivations: The French Context
Apparent loss of competitiveness of French Manufacturing firms since the early 2000’s: Artus and Fontagné (2006) and Fontagné and Gaullier (2008)
Most probably because of structural micro-economic factors

  • 1 Modes of firm governance ?
  • 2 Inadequacy of export-promotion policies?
  • 3 Institutional rigidities (labor and/or capital markets)?

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