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Demoli - 15.03.2019 - JG246 - slides

Demoli, Y. (Submitted).  Demoli - 15.03.2019 - JG246 - slides.

Marc ALOCHET - How is the e-traction value chain impacted by BEV scale-up ?

Deffontaines, G. (2019).  Marc ALOCHET - How is the e-traction value chain impacted by BEV scale-up ?. Compte rendu de la journée du Gerpisa.
En toute rigueur VE devrait recouvrir la réalité du véhicule 100% batterie (BEV : battery electric vehicle), mais comprend également dans certaines approches les hybrides rechargeables (VHRE / PHEV : plus-in hybrid EV). On utilise donc préférentiellement BEV dans le texte.
VT renvoie au véhicule thermique (ICE internal combustion engine)
1.    Introduction : cadre théorique pour la transition du véhicule thermique (VT) vers le véhicule électrique (VE) et état du marché
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L'assemblage dans l'usine Daimler de Brême - source :

Alochet - 2019.02.01 JG - PPT.pdf

Alochet, M. (Submitted).  Alochet - 2019.02.01 JG - PPT.pdf.

Christian BERGGREN - Rapid Vehicle Electrification- What are the challenges?

Deffontaines, G. (2018).  Christian BERGGREN - Rapid Vehicle Electrification- What are the challenges?. Compte rendu de la journée du Gerpisa.
Présentation du rapport par l’auteur
Noxious diesel emissions far above official limits and the need to rapidly reduce-greenhouse gasesgenerate widespread calls for banning fossil-fueled cars in Europe. This report shows that it is possible to electrify 50 per cent of all new carsin the EU by 2030.
This, however, requires massive investment in European battery production capacity, anda long-term commitment to sustainable supply of critical materials.In addition a large-scale expansion of the charging infrastructure is needed, in particular at home and at work places, which account for around 95 per cent of all battery charging.Moreover, local grids will need enforcement in most countries.The additional electricity demand must be satisfied at a time when many coal-fired and nuclear-based power plants will be decommissioned. Plug-in hybrids, which combine a downsized combustion engine with an electric motor, will probably play an important role, both to relieve long-distance drivers of range anxiety and to reduce the demand for scarce virgin metals, in particular cobalt.
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BERGGREN - 2018-10-11 - PPT.pdf

Berggren, C. (2018).  BERGGREN - 2018-10-11 - PPT.pdf.
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