Innovation in the new century

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This book is about the economics and management of the process of innovation. Nobody would dare challenging the importance of innovation in our modern world. In academia as well as in the real economic world, technological, organizational and social innovations are today considered unanimously as a key if not the only element for growth and wealth.
There are thousands of academic and professional books and articles in peer- reviewed scientific journals dealing with the process of innovation and this one aims at adding some bricks on the knowledge wall as well as insights for helping decision makers to improve their practices in innovation management. This book does not target a new theoretical contribution but presents the results of applied field research over a long period of time and in many different geographical and sectoral contexts as well as different size of organizations. This is based on the authors’ long academic experience as professors, senior researchers and lecturers in Europe, China and in The United States with focus in the field of economics and management of technology and innovation at bachelor, master and doctoral levels.

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