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Manage the Organizational Change to Build the Smart Car in China A Study of SAIC-Alibaba Joint Venture

From NAFTA to USMCA: conditions and challenges of automotive financing in Mexico.

Demoli - 15.03.2019 - JG246 - slides

Demoli, Y. (Submitted).  Demoli - 15.03.2019 - JG246 - slides.

China's "Auto Belt:" Implications for Assembler Competitiveness

From Uber to local commuting platform: digital platforms at the center of a “theoretical representation crisis", case study of the mobility sector in France

Internationalization, outsourcing and labour fragmentation. The case of FIAT

The impact of digital transformation in the automotive supply chain in Mexico

Temporary Labor and Labor Conflicts in the Joint Ventures of VW and Toyota in China

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